Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

Travel insurance for pregnant women may be a concern if you are planning to go abroad while you are expecting a baby. You may not be able to journey under your coverage right up until your due date because of the increased risk that you will have to use medical facilities within your holiday destination. However, you should be able to get quite specific affordable travel insurance for pregnant women to cater to your current needs.

EU Health Services

Pregnant women may believe that they can depend on their European Health Insurance Card, which replaced the old E111 form several years ago, to cover them while abroad. This card entitled a UK resident to either free or discounted medical treatment in several European countries. However, not all European countries have signed the reciprocal health care agreement with the UK, so you may not be able to get the benefit from it in the country where you have decided to visit.

It is always best to check whether your holiday destination is valid for this protection. Additionally, it does not cover you for travel in non-European countries, like the United States. Nor does it cover you for things like lost luggage, lost money or missing passports. Although these are not directly related to being pregnant, pregnant women are advised to avoid the stress that situations like this can bring. Therefore, having some form of travel insurance could be essential for peace of mind and the wellbeing of the baby.

Pregnancy Cover

Basic forms of travel insurance provide you with the opportunity to be compensated if things go wrong on your holiday. This is especially the case if events transpire which are out of your control or you have to cut your holiday plans short due to unforeseen circumstances arising in your holiday destination. However, you may feel that it is wise to take out a particular type of cover which gives you travel insurance for pregnant women.

Most insurance providers will grant travel insurance for pregnant women up until you are about seven months into your pregnancy. It is unlikely that they will cover you for a longer term than that because it is considered more of a risk to journey after thirty weeks. This is because travelling after this time is more dangerous for pregnant women as the risk of a premature labour is higher. It is not usually recommended for women to travel while they are heavily pregnant for this reason. You may therefore find it difficult or impossible to find travel insurance for pregnant women if you are very close to your due date.

If you do manage to locate an insurer who will agree to give you travel insurance for pregnant women right up to full term, you may still be prevented from travelling. Many airlines will be reluctant to let women on their flights if they are heavily pregnant, so it is best to check with your airline if they will let you board before you either book tickets or take out insurance. Additionally, different airlines may have different rules about the timeframes in which it is recommended that expectant mothers should travel, so it is worth getting advice from them about this.

Enhanced Medical Care

Travel insurance for pregnant women is very similar to regular travel insurance, except that there are often extras involved to give additional protection to women who are expecting babies. You will usually be given enhanced medical care if you are an expectant mother, which can be an excellent benefit. You may also be eligible for emergency repatriation for medical care back in the UK if things go wrong while you are abroad.

Cheap policies may not be a wise decision when choosing travel insurance for pregnant women. You may find yourself with lower benefits on your coverage, which may negatively affect you if things go wrong. In addition, there may be more excess to pay upon making a claim if your premiums are initially cheap. It is always best to read the details of your policy carefully so that you know exactly what you can claim and what you are covered for. You need to be wary about making decisions which may later turn out to be false economy.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, as can travelling. Putting the two together can have negative outcomes for your happiness and wellbeing while on holiday. It is therefore a good idea to make sure that you have as much peace of mind as you can afford. That way, if there are unexpected medical issues which transpire while you are away from home, you can be confident that your coverage will protect you and your unborn baby. If you are an expectant mother, travel insurance for pregnant women is an essential purchase when going abroad.

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